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What is This? It's a Catalog with HUNDREDS of Vision Therapy Success Stories!

What is Vision Therapy?

Who Wrote These Success Stories?
These stories were written and voluntarily submitted by children, parents, adults and teachers from all over the United States. The writers were very enthusiastic to share their Vision Therapy stories and the majority allowed us to publish their names.

Where Can I Find Stories That Relate to My Interests?
The Success Stories have been split up into categories and topic pages. Each category/topic page begins with short quotations from selected stories. Click on a quotation to jump down to a full story. Scroll down to browse through ALL stories (not all stories are quoted at the top).

We hope that the category/topic pages make it easier for you, the reader, to easily search through this HUGE catalog of Success Stories. Still, we acknowledge that our sorting method is far from ideal. It was NOT easy for us to decide where to put each story!

MANY of these stories cross over and cover many categories and topics. As you read through these pages, you will begin to see the connections. There is a lot of overlap! Hopefully, you will gain a sense of how undetected vision problems affect many lives and in many ways! Take a look at just a few examples below:

That's only the beginning? Thanks to Vision Therapy and the optometrists who practice it, we're here with over 500 Success Stories and counting. Take another look at that Table of Contents! And, if you wish, read my own personal Success Story. You will see why I've been spreading the word about Vision Therapy through the Internet since 1996.

Friends, I'm not afraid to say it... two eyes are really better than one. Yes, life is better in 3D!
All the best and thanks for reading,
Rachel Cooper, Editor

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